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The Plot Diagram

Have a look at these 2 videos showing what a plot diagram is and then work on the design of Fish in a Tree plot diagram.

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The Chimney Sweeper

William Blake by Thomas Phillips.jpg

Last week, we read The Chimney Sweeper from Songs of Innocence and we analysed in class. Today, we are going to work on a second poem written by Blake with the same title.

Take a look at the other poem, under the same title, which appears in his book Songs of Experience

THE CHIMNEY SWEEPER from Songs of Experience

A little black thing among the snow,

Crying “weep! ‘weep!” in notes of woe!

“Where are thy father and mother? say?”

“They are both gone up to the church to pray.

Because I was happy upon the heath,

And smil’d among the winter’s snow,

They clothed me in the clothes of death,

And taught me to sing the notes of woe.

And because I am happy and dance and sing,

They think they have done me no injury,

And are gone to praise God and his Priest and King,

Who make up a heaven of our misery.”

Task: 1 Watch the video

This video will help you. Take notes in your folder.

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Britain and Slave Trade

The Triangle Trade, also known as the triangular trade, is the name given to a system of trade that occurred during the colonial era in American History. New Englanders traded extensively, exporting many commodities such as fish, whale oil, furs, and rum. However, one distinct route that formed was the triangular trade. This pattern occurred as follows:

  • New Englanders manufactured and shipped rum to the west coast of Africa in exchange for slaves.
  • The slaves were taken on the “Middle Passage” to the West Indies where they were sold for molasses and money.
  • The molasses would be sent to New England to make rum and start the entire system of trade all over again.

Task : Check this interactive map and Find out:

1. What goods were transported to Africa from Europe?

2. Who organised the slave trade in Africa?

3. Why did many slaves not reach the plantations alive?

4. What goods were taken back to Liverpool and Bristol?

5. How important was this trade for these towns?

6. How many Africans were transferred to America as a result of the triangular trade?

Write all the answers in the document in classroom

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Children working in factories

Ver las imágenes de origen

Watch the following videos.

Take complete notes so that later you can work on a worksheet.

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Industrial Revolution

Here a summary of the factors that helped the Industrial Revolution to be successful. (by Fran, now in Senior 2)

Growing Cities and Transportation: Let’s watch the following videos and take notes.

LINK to know more about transport


-How is the fact that population increased so much related to the industrial revolution?

-How is the evolution of transported connected to the industrial revolution? How did it help?

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An introduction to the Industrial Revolution

Watch the following 3 videos and take notes in your folder:

-use the colour black for dates

-use the colour blue for big titles/topics

-use the colour red for explanations

-use the colour green for examples

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Movies based on history

Watch the following clips

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

  1. How can you connect these clips to what we have read? Write a short text for every video explaining what is happening and what the relation to what we have read about the American Revolution is.
  2. What happened when the war ended?
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The colonies in America want to be free

Let’s watch some videos about the American Revolution. Take notes of all the events and of the year when they happened.

In pairs, prepare a timeline. Include important dates and events that led to the American Revolution

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New Scientists, New Inventions

Here you have more important people from The Enlightenment to add to the list we have already started.

Christopher Wren (architect)

Robert Hooke (scientist, doctor)

Thomas Savery (inventor)

Isaac Newton (inventor, physician)

Resultado de imagen de isaac newton Galilei (astronomer, mathematician, physician, inventor)

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The Enlightenment

Let’s watch a video to learn what this period in history is about.

Task 1

In your folder, write a definition of enlightenment with your own words.

Task 2

Now, take a look at the following presentation and write the names of thinkers that appear there and the ideas they had at that time.

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