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Analysing Texts

Similes and Metaphors Similes and Metaphors in music Now, do you understand SIMILES and METAPHORS? Let’s play some games!! Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Activity: Find a simile and a metaphor in any songs you like. Leave a comment … Continue reading

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Roman Britain

When the Romans came to Britain they brought their way of life with them. Over time, the people of Britain and the Romans mixed. The Britons began to live the Roman lifestyle and the Romans took on local customs. The … Continue reading

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It´s gym time!

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Check out these videos Now, take this quiz Loading… Read the following poem “I am” – a poem by Laura from Bullying UK 5 April 2012 “I Am” has become one of the world’s best known poems about Bullying, featured … Continue reading

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Revising the Simple Past

Hi!!!! I share with you some exercises and games for you to practice the Simple Past. Put interactive mode to complete them and have them corrected online!! Hope you have some fun! Ex. 1 Ex. 2 Ex. 3 Ex. 4

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