The Anglo-Saxons

After reading and learning about The Celts and The Romans, we are going to learn about the Anglo Saxons in Britain.

Art battle vikingos Anglo Saxons espada del siglo XI escudo lanzas ...

Task 1 Read pages 20 and 21 from the booklet (the material is also in classroom)

Make a summary on a sheet of paper answering the following questions:

-Where did they come from?

-Why did they come to England?

Were they violent? Find evidence for this.

-Why are the Anglo-Saxons important?

We’ll discuss the questions in a Meet (make sure you have all the answers and that you can explain source 4 on page 20 and sources 8-12-13 on page 21)

Task 2: Now, let’s explore these people deeper:

In groups, we`ll work on:

-Who were them? What was their daily life about?

-What were Anglo-Saxon villages like?

-What did the Anglo-Saxons eat and drink?

-What did Anglo-Saxons  believe in?

-Where do the names of the days of the week originate from?

-Who came to Britain after the Anglo-Saxons ?

-Any other information that you consider important will be welcome!!

Visit classroom to learn about the groups.

Task 3: Prepare a presentation and upload it in classroom

Be creative!!

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