Literary Figures

We have already worked on: similes, metaphors, and personifications.

Today, we’ll work on 2 new terms

Watch the video : Allusion

Watch the video: Hyperbole

Now that you understand what ALLUSION and HYPERBOLE mean, can you find examples in “Romeo and Juliet”?

Can you find examples in songs that you like?

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    Romeo and Juliet
    “bring me my Romeo and let me hold him in my arms. And when he dies, take hima and cut him in to little stars. He will make the face of heaven look very fine. Everyone will love the night.
    She is as beutifull as Look for me tomorrow and you will have to find my tomb.
    My Songs
    Take me through the night
    Fall into the dark side
    We don’t need the light
    We’ll live on the dark side
    Allan Waker, Song “Dark Side”
    And I was ’round when Jesus Christ
    Had his moment of doubt and pain
    Made damn sure that Pilate
    Washed his hands and sealed his fate
    Sympathy for the Devil, The Rolling Stones

  2. Clemen says:

    Thank you pat!! I realy have fun with the videos, But I don’t now what to put!!

  3. Tomi says:

    Hyperbole: “she is looking up at the stars, but her eyes are brighter than they are.
    Allusion: “ you behave wildly like an animal”.

  4. Maggie Gb says:

    Romeo said to Juliet that he love her like the moon, but she didn’t want that their love be like the moon because the moon changes every month.

    Also, in Romeo and Juliet, She said ‘These words mean death to me’ What Juliet means is that the words that the Nurse told to her, hurts Juliet very much.

  5. Facu says:

    One of my favourites songs is “Something just like this” from Coldplay and I could find some allusions there when it says “Achilles and his gold, Hercules and his gifts, Spiderman’s control, and Batman with his fists”.

    An example of an hyperbole could be “Cry me a river” from Justin Timberlake. The title is already a hyperbole because it is impossible to cry a river.

    In Romeo and Juliet an hyperbole could be when Lady Capulet says to Juliet: “He needs a wife, and yo will make his life complete”.

  6. Mateo Aguirre says:

    When Juliet said she couldn t live without him, it was a HYPERBOLE.
    When Romeo and Benvolio are talking, and Romeo is complaining that Rosaline does not return his love. According to Romeo: “She’ll not be hit with Cupid’s arrow; she hath Dian’s wit” (I, i), Cupid was the ALLUSION.

    Song Allusion : Better than words by 1D
    The second verse after the chorus has song titles as lines.
    Up all night by 1D names Katy Perry before the chorus.
    Song Hyperbole : Through the dark by 1D
    In the beginning of the chorus says ‘Oh I would carry you over fire and water for your love’.

  7. Fran says:

    1, allusion: “But all so soon as the all-cheering sun
    Should in the farthest east begin to draw
    The shady curtains from Aurora’s bed,
    Away from light steals home my heavy son”
    explain: Lord Montague refers to Aurora – the Roman goddess of dawn. Lord Montague expresses his concern for his son Romeo, stating that he has often seen

    HYPERBOLE: There are no world behind Verona walls. explain: It means it is the east, and Juliet is the sun. Airse, fair sun, & kill the envious moon, Who is already sick and pale with grief.

    HYPERBOLE song: the song so happy,” So happy I could die” it mean that she has a lot of happier.

  8. Juana Torena Gowland says:

    I really like the song intentions from Justin Bieber and it says“gorgeous make em’ ,drop dead, you’re a killer”and that’s a Hyperbole because it’s not saying that she kills literally people with her beauty she is overreacting to her beauty.

  9. ❤Jose ❤ says:

    Juliet: “These words mean death to me”
    It is a HYPERBOLE she is saying the words that her Nurse is saying to her hurts her very much

  10. Matute says:

    “if I go crazy then will you still call me superman”

  11. Juana Mejia says:

    1-In Romeo and Juliet, Romeo said to Juliet that her love is like the moon but Juliet said to Romeo she dont want to be like the moon because the moon change every day.

    2-In the song ‘’jumy’’ the singer said jumy, jumy, jumy jumy but he was referring to the food.

    • Pat says:

      Juani, the second example is not clear. al allusion would be the mentioning of “doritos” for example..

  12. Pia says:

    I know a song called “De ellos aprendí” that it says “desde el león que se hizo rey” and that is an example of allusion.

  13. Ciro says:

    Alullions: Ive got moves like jagger. Maroon five

    Hyperbole: we only said goodbye with words i died a hundred times. Amy winehouse
    Killing me softly with his song. Roberta flack

  14. Pia says:

    I know a song called from them I learned that it says “desde el león que se hizo rey” and that is an example of allusion.

  15. Viole says:

    Rewrite the Stars ⭐️
    But fate is pulling you miles away
    And out of reach from me.

  16. Joaco p says:

    yes “the world hasn´t seen a girl as beautiful as rosaline”

    yes “you make me feel!!, INVINCIBLE” no one is invincible.

  17. MATEO PAZ says:

    Thousand Years – Christina Perri:
    I have died every day waiting for you.

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