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Male’s oral presentation

Males’s presentation was about Antonio Berni. She told us about the artist’s life and showed us some of the artist’s paintings with two famous charaters, Juanito Laguna and Ramona Montiel, that Berni created to talk about childhood exploitation and life … Continue reading

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Facu’s oral presentation

Facu made his presentation about Julio Le Parc. He talked about his life and showed us lots of pictures about his works of art. You did a great job Facu!

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Maggie’s oral presentation

Maggie made her presentation about Xul Solar and told us some things about the artist’s life. Well done, Maggie!

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Pía’s Oral Presentation

Pía chose to talk about the city of New York. She made some posters with pictures and information of some of the places we can’t avoid if we plan to visit New York. Well done, Pía!

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Jose’s Oral Presentation

Jose had her oral presentation about China. She prepared some posters with pictures of the sights of China. She gave us some really interesting information about the country and brought us some fortune cookies!! Excellent presentation Jose!

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Mateo’s oral Presentation

Matu had his oral presentation about the city of Paris. He showed us some pictures about the city and told us some of the places we should be visiting if we happen to go there. Well done Matu!

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Magno’s oral presentation

We had Magno’s oral presentation about natural disasters. He told us interesting facts about tsunamis and earthquakes. Well done Magno!

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Lolote’s oral presentation

We had Lolote’s presentation about Tornadoes and blizzards. He gave us very interesting information about them. You did great Lolote!

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Ele’s oral presentation

We had Ele’s oral presentation about HURRICANES. She told us very interesting facts about that natural disaster. She also showed us some pictures and even made an experiment to see what hurricanes look like.          

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Mary’s oral presentation

Mary did her oral presentation about Neil Armostrong’s life and the first time man stepped on the moon. It was really interesting! Well done Mary!    

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