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Today we finished the summery of “The emperors new clothes” and we did a photocopy to practice the tenses (Past continuous ,past simple ,present simple  and present continuous) And now we are correcting the  photocopy related to all that tenses.

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Today we learned about the different uses of Present simple and Present continuous.We did some photocopies to practice

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March 1st

Today we worked in groups to create a collage about the moral of the story “The Eperor’s New Clothes” We learned that we don’t have to trust strangers. Click on the link below and you will see our work!

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February, 28th

Today we worked on the story “The Emperor s New clothes” We retold the story together and we talked about the setting, the characters and the moral of the story.

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February 27

Today we organized our folder and we went to the break. Then we made our seccions it was so fun!!!!!!and we also learned about our new friend Juana mejia. We also talked about our worries, our needs, excitements and suggestions … Continue reading

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